Frida inspired styled portrait

Paint the world the Frida inspired styled portrait way.

The Frida inspired styled portrait was something that Elrika was really excited to do as the famous Frida Khalo was her muse and idol.So we decided to put her in Frida’s shoes for a day and she loved it. No, really she did I mean you can’t fake a smile like that. She wanted to do a portrait filled with colour, life and wonder.

So this made us decide to do a studio styled portrait. We went out, got some fake flowers and decided to make a flower crown. Boom ! Just a small touch like this really made the shoot come together. She had this lovely luscious hair that we could a funky braid with to match Frida’s style.

It was all really simple as our aim was just to capture that one shot that resembled her personality and her feel for life.

As we started out she was quite shy so we had to come up with ways to make her laugh but it didn’t take long before we really started to get great shots that she could just simply love and cherish forever. It feels like we brought Frida Khalo back to life through Elrika’s smile and true admiration for this artist.



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