Zanzibar Lifestyle Travel Editorial

Zanzibar Lifestyle Travel Editorial

So a while ago we had an awesome oppertunity to visit the magical island of Zanzibar for work. While there we simply could not contain ourselves and just had to take some shots of this magical place.

Yes, to the most asked question ” is it really that blue ? ” It really is so blue and so colourful it could make your eyes hurt. The only downfall is if you are a tourist you really get bothered alot by the locals for money not begging though but they really want to be your tour guide.

This is very understandable as Zanzibar thrives on tourism for the state of their economy so we tried not to let it bother us as much.

But all and all we really had a great time and it was such an adventure as we decided not to do the tourist thing but rather explore more of the locals things as that really is where the heart of Zanzibar lies.

If we could give some advise it would be to rent a car. It’s really not that expensive and really gets you from point A to B much easier . Taxi’s can also be quite pricy.



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