Shanell Hunter Wedding Photographer - Good Night Key Light on Scene

The start of my “Wedding photographer” journey

This is how it all begins, my life as a wedding photographer

This blog is primarily about my own personal experiences of being a wedding photographer in South Africa. The things I have learn and still learning, new experiences and just pretty much jumping into such a cut throat industry.

I attempt to share as much knowledge as I possibly can and hope to not only inspire you but perhaps have something enlightening to bring to the table as I have found in other blogs.

So let me start from the beginning. My name is Shanell and I am the proud owner of a newly born Wedding photography company called ” Good Night Key Light Photography “. I studied photography and currently work for an ad agency called ”aMUSEink “. It was only last year that I really felt I was missing out on my one true passion. So I decided in my spare time to open a photography business.

(Tip) When embarking on such a “risky” business do it part time. Trust me to tell you that you should keep your day job. It’s very difficult in the beginning and even as creatives we all have bills to pay.

Doing it part time will also show how committed you are to this dream. It will take late nights, what appears to be useless admin and TONS of marketing to get you a point where you won’t be completely invisible to the world of web.

I have never worked with a mentor so I pretty much had to re-invent the wheel, learn the hard way and make all the calls by myself (you of course can make it a bit easier on yourself and work as an assistant for a established wedding photographer in the industry.

So stay tuned as I will take you through all my ups and down to trying to be a successful wedding photographer.

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