Good Night Key Light on Mooi van binne for VIA Channel 147

A few months ago Good night Key Light had the opportunity to do a shoot for the program Mooi van Binne on Via

For those who are not quite that familiar with it, the program aims to broadcast a very powerful message around the concept of inner and outer beauty. Mostly that every woman is uniquely beautiful in their own way and that they can be on the cover of a magazine.

So how it works is we(the photographers) are taken to an unfamiliar location and we must scout for that potential lady we would like to photograph. And yes, we do get rejected a lot but that’s part of the “reality show” excitement. After tracking down the perfect lady we must convince her to say yes to a 3 photo shoot session with us. The 3 sections are: Her fantasy, the photographers’ choice and an all natural shoot (broos).

Liezel is a Grade 1 teacher from Vereeniging. Although very unsure and reluctant she agreed to spend the day with us at Mooi van binne and let us show her that she had what it took to be on the cover of a magazine. Her fantasy choice was that she had always dreamt of living in a different era, the 60’s to be more specific. Our choice was Pocahontas the Disney character and this was because just like the character we saw she had a very strong will yet kind heart. Lastly, the natural shoot we wanted to capture the way she looked every day having a cup of coffee in the morning before leaving for work.

With a lot of support and hard work from the Mooi van binne team they really pulled through with the wardrobe and hair and make-up we needed to make the magic happen.

We had a lot of fun being part of Mooi van Binne season 3 and we are very grateful to the team and Lizel for making this possible. And yes, She most definitely can be on the cover of a magazine

Mooi van Binne Final Shots

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