What to wear for an engagement photo session

An Engagement Photo session

You’re a soon to be bride, you have a ton of things to plan for the wedding.The photographer you booked threw in an engagement shoot into your package and you thought “yeah sure, why not? “ Perhaps at this point it does not really seem like a big deal. I mean, you’ve seen so many stunning shots of other couples or even some of your friends photos on Facebook. As time goes by the date closes in. You have nothing to wear yet but no big deal you’ll just grab something out of our closet, perhaps your favorite shirt. After all everyone looks good in those photo shoots?

Why do an engagement shoot ?

An engagement shoot is meant for a couple to get use to the idea of walking around doing all kinds of “lovey-dovey” things with a stranger having a pretty intimidating looking camera pointed right at them the whole time. It’s weird concept already and perhaps something you are not used to. Now imagine all that and you standing there tugging at your shirt. It might seem like a first-world-problem but deciding what to wear to a shoot can make a whole lot of a difference.

Think of it like this, you get an excuse to buy something stunning for yourself and we all have that extra glow when you wear something brand new that you haven’t wore before. Secondly, those amazing photos of your friends didn’t just happen like that. They planned their outfits and color schemes with the photographer to create their vision they had for that shoot.

I always love to chat to my clients about what they are going to wear. It gives me an idea, or a look and feel for the shoot and I can then plan it accordingly. If you are unsure what to pick I have created some guidelines of clothing choices that would be “boss” in any kind of engagement shoot.


I hope this has given some clarity on how you can determine what you would look best in when you do your shoot with your soon-to-be husband.

Enjoy your shoot and may your wedding day be everything that you hoped it would be. Blessings Shanell

Looking to do your engagement shoot with me?? Oh yay! Please drop me an email at shanell@gnkl.co and let get talking.


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