6 small changes that can help you shed weight for the wedding

At some point in our lives we all had that urge to drop a few pounds. Mine usually comes around the same time when the flowers start blooming. A slight panic breaks out when the thought wearing a bikini on the beach crosses my mind. Then like any normal-minded female I start to search for the ‘wonder cure’ that will melt all my lard and essentially produce a more appealing result. Perhaps something that doesn’t make me cry and stuff my face with chocolate.

The other point that recently surfaced was the day I got engaged. Now as a photographer I would encourage people just to relax and constantly reassure them they look amazing, which they always do. But as a woman, I am already concerned that I will definitely look like a beached whale standing next to my soon to be husband. But this time instead of looking for a “quick fix” or attempt to starve myself perhaps I should try a different approach.

So i will aim to make subtle life style changes that can possibly increase my weight loss, accompanied by eating more healthy and working out a bit. If you are a soon to be bride and would like to try something new I would love for you to join me in partaking in these simple points.

Take a picture of your food

According to nutritionist Joan Salge Blake, author of Nutrition & you says that if you take a photo of the meal your about to eat, look at it and revert back, you would be less likely to indulge and actually take a second to think about what you are putting in your body. But has Instagram made us perhaps immune to this thought as I myself  love to take a picture of a beautiful and yummy-looking meal before eating it all! cant hurt to try but perhaps keeping in mind the motive.


The color blue

I have read about this more than once and according to researchers if you surround yourself with the color blue when eating, for example a blue plate or table cloth the chances are that you will eat less. It suggested that our ancestors stayed clear of the color blue when they went foraging as blue, black and even purple types of berries or plants signaled something that was poisonous.


Small plate

Speaking of blue plates another great trick is to use your side plate as your dinner plate. We tend to feel the need to keep dishing up more food until our plates are full and we usually finish all of it. A study done by Dr Brian Wansink and Dr Koert van Ittersum titled the smaller plate study they found that we link our fullness to the amount of food we have on our plates. Given a smaller plate will make you still feel satisfied and prevent any excess eating. You and make your small plate full an include your dessert, but that’s it, no second helping. Also knowing that you have a limited amount of space you would try to opt for a few more veggies instead of something unhealthy.


A dash of yellow

Add a bit of turmeric next time when you cook something. From a recent study at  Tufts University, Boston it was shown that turmeric can help suppress fat tissue from developing. Yellow can also give a bit of color and spruce up your meal. It also has a lot of health benefits such as a natural anti inflammatory and lowering the risk of brain diseases.


Drink more water

This is a no brainer to most of us as we all know that you need to get in your 8 glasses a day. But the reason this is so very important is that some times you might mistake thirst for being hungry. When ever you feel hungry drink a glass of water first. Chances are you might feel fine afterwards but if your hunger still creeps up then have something and end it with a glass of water. Water also helps of the elasticity in your skin which means when you loose the weight your chance of struggling with stretch marks or loose skin will be considerably less.


Smell vanillla

Now for this last one I do not have solid concrete proof but it is said that if you smell a bit of vanilla after dinner your will be less likely to crave something sweet. Speaking for myself as a hardcore sugar addict this is definately something I am willing to give a try. After all vanilla smells so good!




I hope these few small changes can help you help shed the weight for your special day.

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